Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

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Red Tiger Eye

Description SKU# Price
Red Tiger Eye 1030 3.00ea

Yellow Tiger Eye

Description SKU# Price
Yellow Tiger Eye 1030A 3.00ea

Tiger Eye Wire Sculpted Jewelry


Tiger Eye 

    Tiger eye, featured here as large tumbled red & yellow stones, is a stone of clarity, allowing the one to whom it is attracted to see things as they are, unobscured by illusion. It is known to increase psychic perception and balance brain hemisphere's as it grounds this gift with earth energies. It is a stone of practicality, helping one to differentiate between needs and desires and directing focus to the attainment of the basics first.
    Physically, tiger eye is useful in disorders of the physical eyes, especially strengthening night vision and known to introduce an aura of calmness to those who possess it. 

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