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These are the questions that have been posed either via e-mail or in my practice from clients or students. Answers provided here are given in good faith and for information only. They are NOT intended as a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by the qualified practitioner of your choice.
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1. Does Reiki ever not work?  (AS)
    The energy of Reiki can be very subtle in its effects, appearing not to work initially until some of the layers of illness have been penetrated.  We need to also consider, and respect the cause of a particular dis-ease  and honor the reason for which  a person may need to have the condition  in their life. For example, it may be the best way to balance a karmic situation, or a person may need to hold onto a condition for personal reasons. Reiki, in this case may not effect a cure, but strengthen the coping mechanisms and maximize the learning. An important point to realize is that healing does not necessarily imply a cure.
2. Why does a Reiki session feel different  when given by different people? (BG)
Good point. While it is true that we all are channels for the same universal life force, it is being passed through different filters (practitioners). Hopefully, it is a good experience, no matter whom the energy is channeled through. 
This makes it incumbent (in my mind) for Reiki practitioners to realize what is going on in their own lives & leave any excess baggage outside their practice so as not to affect their clients. 
3. What's the difference between Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy? (KB)
It's true that both Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy affect the body's energy systems and utilize energy in their processes. The difference is that Craniosacral Therapy primarily uses the body's own structure & tissues to affect the healing change. It's more "hands on" in the approach. 
4. How does hypnosis work? In other words: how do you get into the conscious mind and how do you know what their feeling?  (AO)
Please know that nobody has to "get into" the conscious mind. That is our waking consciousness that we display to everyone. It's out mystery. If you're asking about the Unconscious, by engaging the conscious mind in conversation, It steps out of the way, in a sense and  the non conscious portion of the mind becomes more available. This is also done by progressive relaxation; in other words  the hypnotherapist guides the client in relaxing the muscles from the head to feet (or vice versa). 
How do I know what someone is feeling? I just ask!
Your subconscious won't reveal any deep dark secrets nor anything that you are not prepared to deal with. There is nobody who can force you to do anything that you would find morally objectionable. 

5. I have suffered brain damage, resulting from an injury when young. How will I reincarnate whole again if parts of my body are fragmented? (M)
Thank you for your very insightful question re: reincarnation. You need to know that your spirit is intact; it does not sustain physical damage as does the body. The real intelligence is part of spirit  does not need to reform itself as it doesn't become damaged. The one thing that we take to the other side is our intelligence; what we have learned. 
Yes, the energetic body may become altered as a result of physical trauma because it will retain memories of unresolved traumas, but I don't think that it looses parts. I reference the sensation of phantom pain in an amputee. The pain is felt because the energetic body is whole & intact. Kirlian photography has demonstrated intact energy bodies of leaves that have been cut.
As a point of interest, I have a client who is in a coma for nearly 2 yrs after a stroke & he communicates telepathically with his daughter & myself. I personally don't need any further proof  that the consciousness remains intact.
Please continue to be the bright star that you are and maximize your abilities. I recall one time I had a patient (I'm also a nurse) whom everyone considered "developmentally delayed"; a euphemism for mentally retarded, as well as having several physical challenges. He happened into the emergency room I was working in at a particularly low point in my life. The young man worked in a sheltered workshop & I commented to him how I admired his fortitude- going to work every day in spite of his challenges. He said:" you can knock a man down, but you can't knock him out." I will never forget him, dear reader, and I give the gift of his words to you.

6. I went too two psychics and asked questions about a relationship.  They both told me that my chakras needed healing and it would cost me between $5,200 - $7,200.00, and they guarantee my man (my soul mate, according to them) would be reunited with me.  Is this true, these people can heal your chakra, or can I heal myself.  I feel like I am being taken advantage of because of my emotional state. 
Thank you for using your good insight in questioning the integrity of these people. They are rip off artists pure and simple. First, the fee is an outrage! Secondly, they cannot guarantee they can deliver a soul mate because they really have no control over any other human being. If someone is going to be in a relationship, they should come into it of their own free will; not by coercion or witchcraft. That would disempower them and ultimately cause discord in the relationship. Is that what love is about? Even soul mates have periods or even lifetimes where they are not together, each needing to pursue their own developmental  objectives.
Healing chakras? Yes you can do it yourself; I work on my own regularly & teach my Reiki students to do so as well. The only drawback is that it is hard for us as humans to be objective about ourselves, so I recommend periodic visits to a reputable Reiki practitioner. 

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