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Moonstone Pendulum

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Moonstone Pendulum 1019 15.00ea


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Moonstone  1019A 1.25ea

Moonstone Wire Sculpted Jewelry


Moonstone, available here as a pendulum,  and tumbled piece, is thought to eliminate negative energy from all the chakras, but most soothing and balancing to the second and fourth chakras, as they relate to the emotional body.
    Its energy is cooling and introspective, relating to those aspects of our nature, which are cyclic; thus it may be used in all types of female disorders. It brings a sense of calm strength to those who relate to it allowing one to reflect on the totality of a situation to avoid precipitous decisions or rash behavior. Some have called it a “wishing stone”.
    Physically it may used, as mentioned, for all type of female conditions from PMS, pregnancy, childbirth to menopause. Since it relates to the element of water, it is useful in those imbalances that result in fluid retention and swelling, for insomnia, and to access the subconscious mind (our hidden sea of inner awareness). 

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