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Tumbled Chinese Fluorite

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Tumbled Chinese Fluorite 1009 0.75ea




    Fluorite is the stone of mental organization and self-discipline. It is found in a variety of colors, all having a very orderly and geometric configuration. Pieces of the tumbled variety are available here, as well as  affordably priced  wire sculpted pieces.
    Fluorite aids in communication on the astral level, and aids in the comprehension, processing and retention of same. Because its intrinsic structure is so organized, it aids in the organization of our thought processes helping to focus, define and reach goals. It encourages a connection with the divinely inspired while fostering goundedness to avoid getting lost in the cosmic soup!
    On a physical level, fluorite is said to strengthen the immune system, with special attention to the upper respiratory type illnesses.
    Chinese Fluorite, available here, is especially useful for protection against negative energies, cleansing the aura and to help us recognize and strive for perfection in all things, especially our health.
    A mix of fluorite includes striped pieces as shown above as well as those which are predominantly green, purple or translucent clear. 

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