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Clear Calcite Clear Calcite

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Clear Calcite

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Clear Calcite 1008A 1.25ea

Clear Calcite

     Calcite is another beautiful family of stones that is found in many colors, and one of its talents is the ability to concentrate energy and release it in intensified form. This makes it an excellent stone for use in debilitating conditions; the placement of the stone being relative to the chakra involved, using its corresponding color as a guide.
In addition, calcite is thought to strengthen the immune system and eliminate bacteria from the body when placed over the 4th chakra; it has been known calm a restless and troubled heart. Blue calcite strengthens communication and creativity, the domain of the 5th chakra.
    Blue, green, orange, red and honey calcite pieces available here are in raw form, and clear calcite as tumbled stones, many with rainbows inside! 

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