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Green Aventurine
Description SKU Price
Aventurine  (green) 1004

0.35/ each

Blue Aventurine


Description SKU Price
Blue Aventurine 1004B 1.00

Red Aventurine
Red Aventurine

Description SKU Price
Red Aventurine 1004R 1.00


Aventurine Wire Sculpted Jewelry



Though aventurine comes in a few different colors, the one presented here in tumbled form is a healing green that helps to open the heart chakra into a place where it feels safe to give and receive unconditional love, and to clear it of stored hurts. Aventurine is a celebration of growing and change, fostering insights into the growth experience; thus we can fearlessly let go of outdated patterns and incorporate that which is new and exciting and for our highest good.
    Aventurine has been employed in the treatment of heart and lung problems, and used to reduce fevers and inflammations as well.  Red Aventurine shares its particular grace with the 2nd Chakra balancing the polarity of yin & yang, male & female and draws just enough of the generative fire of the 1st Chakra to fuel our creativity.
    Blue Aventurine is offered here in large tumbled pieces as seen above. This stone has tiny specks of mica in it which stimulates our reflective nature, gently allowing us to see the reflections of our nature in others, a sometimes painful realization! It assists us in eliminating those traits which we consider unwanted. It is said to enhance both physical and emotional flexibility and balance sleep requirements. Blue aventurine brings soothing energy to the throat chakra

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